The Write for us News site offers opportunities for writers of all levels. New writers looking to break into the industry can submit articles and work from home on their own schedule.

Writers who have experience can write for magazines and other publications that are specifically targeting beginners, in order to help them improve their quality of writing.

Writers who want to find work as freelancers or interns will also benefit from working with us. With our freelance writers’ marketplaces, they can manage their projects and take part in a community where experts are regularly offering advice, feedback and support.

What is write for us?

At write for us, we connect people who want to read quality articles with writers who can write those articles. Our goal is to encourage writing in all its forms.

We provide our writers with opportunities to share their work and learn from others, that they might reach their full potential as artists. At the same time we provide our readers with a wide variety of insightful or entertaining articles about topics ranging from personal experiences to global issues.

What can I do on write for us?

We have a number of services that are available for writers at all levels. The Write for us News site is a place where amateurs and experts alike can submit articles, news items, opinion pieces or other types of writing. Once an item has been published it can be commented on by both the general public and our editorial staff.

We have several specialized sites that are tailored towards writers who have more experience or who want to write in a particular genre. Writers can find out more about their genre by reading the style guides on our site. These guides cover what types of stories work best in each respective field, as well as give writers pointers on how to get started or improve their work.

Why is Guest Posting Important for your business?

Guest posting is important to our company because it allows us to build a library of articles in a wide range of categories that we can give to clients or work with our writers to develop.

Guest posting is one of the main ways we connect advertisers to website and blog publishers. We offer an extensive number of categories that include topics such as lifestyle and niche blogs, travel, health, fashion and more.

Guidelines to Follow For Article Submission:-

1. The article must be unique and well written.

2. The article should be grammatically correct.

3. The article must have good structure, No broken links or images, and proper headings.

4. The image in the submission must be of good quality, not blurry or pixelated, have a direct link to copyright holder if available and should not copyrighted by anyone else but you.

5. The submission should not promote any kind of advertising or product your submitting the article for.

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Why should you write for Our News Section?

You can earn money for writing great articles. We pay our writers for their work, so you can get paid fast and with a lot of confidence. You will gain exposure to this industry as most of our clients are in it.

You won’t be spinning your wheels at home all day, we provide you with opportunities to write on topics that interest you. Writers can improve their writing abilities by working with writers that have more experience in the field than them.

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